I’m being very strict

When I was growing up, we moved every three years, due to my father’s job.  We were always anticipating the time, when we would learned, where we would move next.  This is the part that I looked forward to the most. I was always ready for the next adventure.  Unlike my sister, I made friends rather easily and didn’t mind having to do so. I bored easily and liked the anticipation of starting something new. Not only would we make new friends but we would start a new school and most of all get a new home. Most of our moves were made to areas that the climate was warm for most of the year.  The homes were usually ranch style, which my dad seemed to prefer, in order to cool the home easier. He was very strict about what temperature the thermostat was set to, so a thorough check was done to the home before we moved in. The HVAC system service was conducted right away. The vents were cleaned and the air conditioning system checked. To make sure that the cooling system didn’t run in vain, the windows and doors were properly sealed to prevent the cool air from escaping. Once the HVAC service technician finished his inspection and offered any recommendation, the seemingly official, setting of the air conditioner thermostat took place.  Since the air conditioner unit had been serviced and the house checked for efficiency, there was little that you could do to convince my dad to change the thermostat setting for any reason. Any complaints about it being too cool or too hot in the house was followed by put on a sweater or put on something cooler.

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