Skating rink problems

When I was a kid I loved to go to the ice skating rink in the winter time months. Every single one of us in town used to be so hyped going to skate and just have fun. Our winters were very cold when I was growing up, so we used to bundle up nice and tight when we were going outside anywhere. The upside of the ice skating rink was that it was indoors, and somehow, and I do not know how this was even possible, but they had the best heating system around! A heater or a furnace it may have been, not sure. But it did not melt or affect the ice in any way, shape or form! I think back in those days it was most likely they had a furnace in the place as central heating and cooling was not the normal thing. Though, a lot of regular businesses at that time did have central heating and cooling. Thinking back, I do remember air vents very high up in the place that blew out the really nice warm air. In the summer time months, this skating rink had another section to it that was regular roller skating, and in there I always recall the air conditioning being just as wonderful as the heating was in the winter time months. During the summer time months, the air conditioning was beyond awesome, and honestly as well as truly, may have been the best air conditioning in town at the time! I am talking better air conditioning than in your common mall at the time. The skating rink days were totally awesome as we used to say back then!