Fixing up the air conditioner

I will never be so thankful as the time that our air conditioner saved my skin on Halloween. I was probably 10 the Halloween I decided to surprise my parents with spooky cookies. My parents were both at work still. I had at least 2 hours to work with. This was my first time baking alone, but I was confident in my abilities. The cookies would have come out fantastically if I hadn’t forgotten that I was baking. I remembered when I smelled something burning and saw a small plume of smoke making its way from the kitchen to the living room where I was watching TV. I ran into the kitchen, turned off the oven, and opened it releasing a huge cloud of smoke. I ran back out of the kitchen coughing and starting to panic. If I didn’t get all of this smoke out of the house, I would be in big trouble. The first thing I did was turn the AC on. We hadn’t been using it because the temperature was so cool, but that was my only hope for getting rid of the smoke smell. Then, I opened all of the windows and doors and set up our air purifiers so that they could blow the air out. To my relief, the smoke started to go away after a few minutes. But the air conditioner didn’t get rid of the smell! The only thing I could think of was spraying tons of Febreze on the air filter. The air conditioner had spread the smoke smell all over the house, but now it would cover it up with Febreze. I’m so glad we got our air conditioner fixed a few weeks before. The old one was so sluggish. My parents came home, and I never heard a word about it.

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