I think she’ll love that

My fiances 40th birthday get together is only a few afternoons away, & I had no clue what to get him! I thought about getting him a new bicycle, however there are so multiple weird body & tire types I wouldn’t know where to start. I thought about some new clothes for work, however her style changes every year so that would just be a waste of currency in the end, but that was when it dawned on me, a new heating & cooling system! Ever since I have known my fiance, she has been certainly particular everything, especially about the heating & cooling in the house… She is constantly decreasing & tinkering with the inner working of our heating & cooling idea in the house. She has zero Heating, Ventilation & A/C experience either, so I don’t know how she does it without cutting the entire system. She prefers to have the temperature stay between 71 & 72 degrees all day, however the idea is so aged that it hardly ever works. I just saw an ad for a brand new state of the art heating & cooling idea in the paper, & I am sure that my fiance will fall in prefer with it. It has pretty much everything that she says our aged component doesn’t have. It is energy efficient, almost totally silent even on full power, & has an app that you can download so you can adjust the temperature settings no matter where you are, and when my fiance opens up her present on her special day, I don’t suppose that she is going to know it!

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