Getting back to work

I feel like lately I have been particularly struggling to keep up with our bills, however i don’t recognize why because I make a enjoyable amount of currency each week and I am normally right on track with all the bills, but however, I would say for the best numerous weeks it has been particularly strenuous to keep up. I recognize the youngsters are particularly taking a toll on our personal finances, but not to make it seem like I don’t like taking care of our youngsters, but they do cost a lot of currency. I have 5 children and all of them have extra curricular activities that they like to play; All of us particularly want to make sure the youngsters are involved so all of us let the bills take a back seat. It could not have been worse timing Last week when our air conditioner stopped finally working. All of us were just getting back from our oldest son’s pigskin game when I noticed a odd sound coming from the HVAC closet. I didn’t recognize what the sound was and I was concerned something was wrong with the air conditioner.  My worst fears came true because the air conditioner completely stopped finally working and all of us didn’t have any way to pay for the cost of the repair. I called a local HVAC supplier to see if they could help out, but they didn’t offer financing options. I knew that our partner and I were going to have to do something quick, so I started to option up extra shifts at job to help pay for the HVAC repair, it was Summer so the house was getting sizzling quickly.