They ruined the space heater

When I was fifteen years old, I spent one summer break babysitting. I was trying to acquire enough currency to get myself my own car, when I turned sixteen the following February. I had already managed to save quite a bit! One of our Mom’s friends needed a sitter for the entire summer we hat off of school, as well as I was glad to find a full time gig. Most of our friends were wishing they were me, because I was going to be getting paid multiple hundred dollars each week. The woman had two kids, both of them seemingly adorable. It didn’t seem like the type of work that would require much more than a little supervision. The first month of the work went fantastically. The kids were polite as well as obedient, as well as listened to our commands. By the fourth week, the kids were showing their true heathen colors. They hardly listened to what I asked them to do, as well as they were consistently getting into trouble. One afternoon, every one of us decided to go to the supermarket. I wanted a sweet tea, as well as I promised the kids a little popsicle or something  if they were good. While every one of us were in the supermarket, little Noah decided to knock over a display of portable heaters. The section furnaces were neatly featured on the end of an aisle. Noah demanded to have a single from the bottom row. All of a sudden, the whole big bunch of section furnaces toppled down on top of the little rugrat. The store employer came running to check on us. They were nervous the section furnaces may have badly harmed someone, until they saw Noah laughing like an idiot on the floor.