My first day off

I recently just graduated from the school of heating and cooling, and got a job with my local heating and cooling company. They actually have a program where they hire directly out of the heating and cooling school I went to, which is one of the reasons I went to the heating and cooling school in the first place. The other day was my first day on the job as a true certified heating and cooling specialist. I was under the observation of one of the other heating and cooling specialists for my first week, so I will be with him for the next few days yet. He has told me I am doing a great job so far and feels that eventually, my skills in the HVAC industry will be right up there with his. He has been a certified heating and cooling specialist for the last 20 years, which is one of the reasons they put me with him. So far this week, I have learned how to repair an HVAC unit, change the motor in an HVAC unit, as well as got some basic learnings of installing radiant heated floors. Radiant heated floors is one of the latest things in HVAC technology and is taking the world by storm! It is a method where the floors actually provide the heat instead of a central heating and cooling system pumping it out of the air vents. This whole concept was totally awesome and new to me. I am looking forward to more experience in the HVAC industry as the years go on!

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