I’m very shocked

When my husband & I first got married, both of us thought that both of us could definitely live on love… Both of us were 1 of those sweet, disgusting married couples that were just oozing happiness & love. Both of us were like a greeting card, sincerely! Looking back on how both of us used to be makes me laugh & it also makes me a little bit sad. It’s bittersweet now that we’ve been married almost fifteen years! But back when both of us first moved into our first house, both of us thought that both of us had hit the jackpot. Both of us found a cute little house right in the middle of city & it was exactly the right amount of area for us, plus it was absolutely cheap, then the realtor warned us that the house needed a lot of work as far as the HVAC method went, then she told us that the electric oil furnace was super old & that it would definitely need to be updated soon; Of course, both of us thought that our love could keep us hot & that both of us didn’t absolutely need a new stinking oil furnace! When both of us called our local HVAC system supplier to have them provide us an estimate on a new oil furnace for the house, both of us were completely flabbergasted at how much the new oil furnace would be! I know both of us thought that since the house was relatively small, the price should be small for a smaller oil furnace unit. Anyway, both of us ended up putting off getting a new oil furnace & both of us spent our first Winter huddled under blankets next to a tiny electric area heating system in the dining room!