The unit is finally set

In my childhood, Vince and I would move every 3 years, due to our father’s task.  We were always thinking about the time, when both of us would have to move next. This is the part that I looked ahead to the most.  I was always set for the next trip. Unlike Vince, I made friends rather absolutely & didn’t mind having to do this. I bored quick & liked the anticipation of starting something new! Not only would Vince and I make new friends but him and I would start a new school & most of all get a new house to live in. Most of those moves were made to areas that the temperature was heated for most of the time.  The homes were usually village style, which our family seemed to prefer, in order to cool the house better. Our mom was undoubtedly strict about what temperature the control unit was set at, so a good check was done to the house before Vince and I gotta moved in. The Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system service was conducted directly that day. The vents were washed & the a/c evaluated! To make certain that the cooling system didn’t run for no reason, the windows & doors were properly sealed to stop the cool air from coming out of the house, once the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C service dealer completed his inspection & provided any feedback for us.  Since the air conditioner unit had been checked on & the house evaluated there was little use for anything else.

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