I had to wait until after lunch

My mom regularly hosts most people for the holidays; Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter, the festivities are going to be held at my mom’s site… She has a truly large dining room, with plenty of section for all of the friends plus family, and i regularly help my mom cook for the event, plus supply all of the chairs plus tables for sale, then the last holiday was Thanksgiving, plus every one of us had a large group of friends plus family, but my mom made a turkey, plus I made a large spiral ham, every one of us made mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, plus multiply different types of vegetables. Every one of us had more pies than a bakery, plus the stink of fresh bread wafted in the air, but as people started piling in for lunch, the the air got colder plus colder. The frosty draft was causing a chill in the whole site. My mom was running the Electric Furnace, although I decided to build a small fire in the wood oil furnace upstairs. The wood oil furnace is right next to the room where all of the festivities would occur. I piled some small logs, pieces of kindling, plus a few Hardy pieces of wood into the oil furnace. I lit a long match plus saw the fire start burning. It took a few hours to get the wood burning well, but the oil furnace supply the extra warmth every one of us needed. My family plus I enjoyed spending time together, plus all of the food was tasty plus delicious… By the end of lunch, every one of us were already to a nap in front of the wood oil furnace.

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