A nice model

When I went on a trip to the beach, I actually had a great day. That was until I got back home. I couldn’t believe it. I was looking forward to using my window A/C unit, but when I got home, it was gone! I came to find that somebody broke into my house through the window that the A/C was in and they stole my air conditioning unit! The nerve of some people! I was looking around the house to see if anything else was taken, but they only took that one item… I thought that was strange. It was like somebody was dying from the heat and desperately wanted an air conditioner, seen mine and that I wasn’t home so they decided to grab it and run. It definitely could have been worse. I was thankful they didn’t take my computer, stereo and my TV. I thought for sure they would have taken those things, but they probably couldn’t carry everything. I honestly didn’t even think it was worth it to call the police because the window A/C wasn’t even all that expensive to be honest. I just called a repairman to help me fix my window, and I went to the store to purchase a new window A/C unit. It was a really nice model because it was equipped with a smart thermostat. I was able to modify the cooling remotely which was nice. It’s also a lot more energy efficient than the last air conditioner I had. In a strange way, I’m kind of glad they took my other A/C unit.

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