My son is learning so much

The other day when I called the HVAC company to have our HVAC system maintenance, my son was asking me why I always call for system maintenance. I was actually glad he was curious because this meant he was open to learning something of importance. I explained that the HVAC system was very important in households and business buildings. I asked him if he liked the house to be a comfortable temperature. He said he did like that. I said without HVAC system maintenance, the machine could break down and we wouldn’t have a comfortable household. In fact, it would become really hot and humid in the summer, and really freezing in the winter months. I asked my son if he could imagine being outside in the winter. He said he would not like that at all, he would feel like a snowman! I said it would feel just like that in the house if our heating system broke down during that season! I said this was why it was extremely important to have regular HVAC system maintenance, so the machine would never break down on us! I also told him how important it was to change the air filter regularly. It not only saves us money on our energy bills, but it keeps the system clean and our air quality great! When he asked what air quality was, I told him when the air is filled with dust or it doesn’t feel good, the air quality is bad. When the air feels nice and clean, and the temperature is just right, the air quality is good. He said it definitely made sense, and then he went to play outside. I think he couldn’t wait to tell his friends about what he learned!

HVAC maintenance plan