You have to stay healthy

I am very well known in my family for barely ever getting sick. Thinking all the way to when I was a little kid, I can only remember once or twice when I had to miss school due to an illness. I love being healthy, and I take it very seriously. That’s why when I moved into my new apartment in the city and fell ill during the first week, I knew something was up. My first thought was it could be the pollution in the city. This city is known for its poor air quality downtown, but then my friend who also lives in the city told me to check my air conditioning unit. Many old a/c units that aren’t checked up on often by an HVAC professional can have a buildup of grime and even mold that will get blown out into the air by the a/c. What you think is just cold and clean air turns out to be dangerous instead. I took his advice and called the nearest HVAC company to come over and take a look at my air conditioning unit. Sure enough, they discovered a small buildup of mold due to a damp environment in the unit. I sure am glad that I found the problem when it was still relatively small, and I will make sure to stay up on it so I stay healthy. They showed my an app that I can download on my phone that can connect to my a/c unit that will show me when the unit is needing maintenance and also when the unit is perfectly fine. Thank god for modern technology, or else I would be falling ill again and again!

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