Cool weather

I live far up north here in the United States of america. Some people may refer to this part as the arctic tundra, other words, it is absolutely frigid chilly here most of the year long… Think of it as the reverse of the southwest part of the United States of america where it is always actually sizzling most of the year round, however here up north, heating is a sizable must have, then like I was saying, it is the reverse of the southwest where air conditioner is the must have! Heating bills here in the far north can get quite high, more so in the Winter time time months, then it is on a small rare opening that both of us entirely use air conditioner in the summer time time months. Sure, it does get sizzling here, but it is not so sizzling that you even need to bother turning on the cooling part of your central heating plus cooling system in your home! Central heating plus cooling systems here more or less use just the heating part… But, like I said, there are those rare times during the summer time time months that you may need the air conditioner during the daytime minutes. All in all I absolutely love living up here in the north. Because simply I love the cool weather over the heat. I can not lay super sizzling weather, plus it is cheaper to run heating than it is cooling here in the far north, then do not ask myself and others why, because I do not know. It just is, plus I love it here!

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