Ductless mini split in the tiny home

I recently built a tiny home with my brother, Steve. It was a long and sometimes difficult project, in addition to being very challenging at times, but now that we’ve finally finished it, we are both absolutely satisfied with the result.  Steve and I plan on sharing this tiny vacation home on wheels. Sometimes I will take it on short vacations, and then other times Steve will. Back when we were working on it, there were a few times when we had to compromise over how our tiny home should be completed, but there was always one thing that I absolutely insisted on and that was the air conditioning.  Steve wanted to use a window unit for the A/C, despite the fact that I thought that it would look hideous. Thankfully, I convinced him to go with a ductless mini-split air conditioning system and it wasn’t an easy thing to do, but he finally realized that a larger investment in the A/C system would pay off for us. We had the mini-split A/C mounted onto the inside wall of the home, so there wasn’t something protruding out. As well as mini-split A/C systems are virtually silent, and window units are not and that means that we won’t have to deal with a loud appliance in our small space. I’m absolutely ecstatic that we were able to compromise on these things. The two of us both intend on using the tiny home about the same amount of time, and that’s why we both needed to accept the building materials in addition to all the appliances that we are using. Tiny homes are the thing of the future, and we are so glad that we have one to use now, and I can travel without feeling out of my element. That’s such a good feeling to have!

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