Preparing a walk through

Being in school is good I guess. I love my classes, the professors are actually entirely cool and some of my classmates have become pretty great friends of mine. I’ve gotten use to the schedule at this point and the mountains of homework; I even have my number one spot in the library now where I love to go and learn in the nice peace and quiet, but however, the one thing I cannot get used to is all of the different temperature changes. Lately I have to be bundled up against the extreme Winter cold; But if I want to take the short split tunnel to class, I have to be prepared to walk through the furnace that is the heat of the tunnel pathways, then when I get to that class, it could be also incredibly sizzling or a bit cold. It depends which building I’m in, which floor I’m on, and then the time of day, however certain classrooms cook in the day since they face the sun, whereas others will be frozen until the afternoon when you catch the last of the sunshine before it goes down around 4:30. The only way I’ve found to deal with it is to dress in layers. But now I’m getting up earlier than ever just to dress comfortably for class. Its either I sleep in and sweat to death halfway through 8am Econ, or I wake up bright and early to put on numerous different layers of tops. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C at this school is just beyond ridiculous; I wish they could find a way to just have a constant middle temperature setting for the whole of campus.

heating equipment