A HEPA filter should be better

I was born and raised in a landlocked area of the country.  We had some rivers and lakes nearby we could use for swimming, but despite this fact that I always wanted to be near the ocean. I planned for the day when I could move out of my hometown and far away, to live my by the sea.  After years of genuinely working hard and saving, I was finally able to live my dream. I spend every morning watching the sunrise over the open ocean. While it is amazing, it does come with some issues I had not previously considered. It is so temperate around here that I don’t genuinely need to use the air conditioning.   However, I have found that I run our Heating, Ventilation and A/C system more than I ever did back home. All the extra salty sea spray in the air can cause damage in the house, so I need the air filters to be running almost all the time to raise in the air quality. Salt and humidity in the air quality can damage a lot of different things in my home.  Due to this I have found that our monthly energy bills are outrageously high, so I think I may invest in a separate air filter for the house. Since running the Heating, Ventilation and A/C all day and evening is breaking the bank, maybe a smaller component will use less power and have the same benefits. I might just put all of my valuables in one specific room and place the air filter in there instead of trying to filter the whole house.