What my friend does for a living

As a toddler, my youngest brother was beyond curious. His curiosity was almost destructive. He would waddle around our house on his young legs trying to find the next mess to make. This was also his habit when we went to visit relatives. One of his favorite things to do was push buttons. While visiting our grandparents house one weekend, my brother discovered the thermostat that controlled their heating and air conditioning system. Although he was small, he was determined and found a way to hoist himself up and almost reach the buttons on the thermostat. My grandpa caught him, the first time, so he was not successful. This, however, did not stop him. Determined to push the pristine white buttons on the thermostat, he waited until no one was looking. As we all sat around chatting, we felt a cool blast of air come through the vents, where once before heat had been. Then, the system roared again and the heating system kicked on once again. My grandparents were concerned something was wrong with their heating and cooling system. As my grandpa walked away to investigate the system, cold air once again started coming through the air conditioning. We also noticed that my brother was missing, but we soon heard him squeal as my grandpa scooped him up and away from the thermostat. My grandpa reset the thermostat so that the cool air was once against replaced by the warmth of the heating system. Nothing was wrong with the heating and cooling system, just a curious boy with a need to push buttons.

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