Military and HVAC needs

Joining the military is not for the weak hearted.  You must be willing to sacrifice much of what all Americans think of as “normal” and be willing to accept whatever assignment they give you.  Our daughter knew this when she enlisted. Ten years later, she has a husband and several little ones and the thought of being deployed is not appealing at all.  There is so turmoil in the world these afternoons that it is a concern to us as well. She always said that she wanted to stay in the service until she got in her twenty years.  This would give her good retirement income. It would mean that her family would have a reliable income for the rest of her life and it medical care too. The grandkids are now in school and the thought of uprooting them to a modern duty station might be hard on them.  For all of these reasons she is considering leaving and just being in the Reserves. As an Heating and Air Conditioning service mechanic she is very likely to be able to find employment in the civilian world and it would make sure that she didn’t have to move too many times. She has took care of Heating and Air Conditioning systems in commercial buildings, on aircraft, and even in tents, so she has all the experience she needs to get a good job.  If nothing else, the military provided her a good education in a field that could be valuable in civilian life. I legitimately have to say that I am ecstatic with this option too. I hope she makes this wise decision.

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