The pretty fire and quality heating

This weekend the two of us are expecting over a foot of snow. My husband Joe has just finished putting the snowplow on the truck so the two of us will be able to get out of the driveway. The forecast is calling for high winds as well as ice. The  greatest fear for most of the people in our area, is that their power will go off. When the two of us heard this, Joe brought wood up from the woodshed. If the two of us lose our power, the two of us won’t have any heating. Even though we have a generator, we still worry that the oil furnace would be the only thing the two of us would be able to power up. Joe and I plan on using the fireplace if the power does go out. There is close to a cord of wood stacked on our porch, so the two of us have fuel for the fireplace. Not only will the two of us have heat, with the generator, our well pump will be working as well. So we won’t need to worry about frozen pipes. I am thinking that the two of us can pop popcorn over the fireplace. It will be romantic, and in this day and age, we really don’t get a lot of romantic opportunities. Instead, the two of us just go out for supper and then we come back home and we both go work on our own laptops. But with no power, there is no laptop, and so Joe and I will be able to cuddle up in front of the fireplace. It will be nice to take the time to talk and cuddle together for a while. I think the two of us won’t be without power for long, and soon, our oil furnace will be running. And so the fireplace will be left unused for another couple months, or a year. I plan on taking advantage of any time with Joe that I can get.

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