i’m very proud

My little brother and I are 10 years apart in age. My mom and dad didn’t expect another baby, but my brother was a welcomed surprise. Since we have a huge difference in age, my brother and I didn’t really grow up together. I was leaving for college, by the time my brother was getting ready to start Elementary School. My brother used to write me a letter every week, with drawings and coloring pages. All of my college friends were jealous, because I got nice cartoons and paintings in the mail. My little brother isn’t very little anymore, and now he is almost grown. Next month, he will graduate from technical school. My brother decided to attend classes for HVAC certification and repair. My brother has been attending HVAC certification classes for a year and a half. My brother is the last one in our family to graduate. I’m very proud of my brother, because he is at the top of his class. There are additional students graduating from this HVAC certification class. My brother has the highest grades on all of the written and evaluation tests. My brother has already received several different job offers from local HVAC companies. I could not be more proud of my little brother, and I know he will succeed wherever he goes. I hope he chooses an HVAC company close to home, so we can still see each other frequently. We usually go play golf on Sundays, because that is my only day off each week. I would really like to keep that tradition.

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