RV cranking the air conditioning

You can keep your conventional home, plus I will happily keep my home with wheels.  I have people are regularly telling me I need to settle down and get off the road. I simply reply, I spent my first 55 years in a official house, and I will never go back to that style of living! Now that I have my RV, I am able to make the entire nation my home. I cruise the highways and back roads of our country every day and it never gets old.  One thing I do grow weary of is the climate conditions control problems I keep running into. The RV is old, in addition to not being well insulated, so it soaks up the warm sun coming down from above. The central A/C system in the RV works pretty well, it just has too much space to cool off. When I aim all the air vents right at myself when I drive, it makes the summer heat more tolerable. At night, when it is still humid out, I have to leave the AC, as well as the engine running all night long otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get any sleep. Running the a/c this much is costing a fortune in gas money. I am driving north, hoping to soon encounter a milder weather conditions where I can provide my air conditioner a bit of a break. Winter will be upon us soon, and I will actually have the same temperature control concerns with my heater.

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