Want the HVAC under control

I have come to the conclusion that my husband and I don’t pay attention very much. The two of us spend a lot of time on the road because of his profession as a musician in a band and also because of our families who live on odd sides of the country, then in order to keep up with most people and everything going on without spending a ton of money on airfare, we travel a lot in the vehicle by going on long trips which we enjoy doing! Last weekend was a fun trip for us, because we were headed up to the northern midwest, where our friends and family were waiting to celebrate the winter time holidays. The two of us had birthdays, christmas, and new years crammed into a single experience, and the cold temperature was legitimately helpful for setting the tone of it all. Where we have lived in these past few years, the Winter time temperatures barely get down into the 40s most of the time with no snow. If there was snow, our entire neighborhood would hide out in the safety of their central heating at home. The two of us were unquestionably looking forward to seeing the beautiful snow scenery and resting in front of a moderate fireplace when we arrived. The only thing was, we were totally unprepared for this change of air temperature. As we drove north we were blissfully unaware of the temperature dropping to almost 20 degrees. The two of us only realized that we were approaching a frigid and blustery temperature drop when we stopped for gas at multiple rest stops when we would hop out of the vehicle unprotected from the frigid temperatures. I’ll tell you that it was funny to see my husband get hit by a wall of frigid air and then jump right back into the moderate heat of the vehicle after he proudly proclaimed that he was ready to tackle this Illinois winter. The two of us still had multiple more states to go with 5 more hours left!

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