It is all about wifi thermostat

I truly do enjoy working on our podcast, even though it ended up being a lot more work than we anticipated. We have total freedom to record whatever we want, which is in our case scary stories! We have been writing them for years, plus now we are updating them for a new medium, the growing field of storytelling podcasts. We write, record, plus edit all of our own stuff, but occasionally I bring in other people to play characters plus do guest voices. Believe it or not, it can take us over five hours just to produce a podcast that only lasts for about half an hour. Our takes kept getting ruined by the sound of the heating and cooling unit. I am so used to the A/C powering up or down whenever it needs to that I never even considered how the sound plus vibrations might affect the recording process. I have a smart thermostat, which means I haven’t even had to look at it in several months. I pre-programmed in all of our settings, plus our fallback settings for when I am not there, plus the smart thermostat handles everything else! The complication is that when the A/C turns on while I am recording, it causes a particularly low humming sound in the background! The Heating plus Air Conditioning system needs to stay shut off the entire time I am recording, or it ruins the podcast… Since our smart thermostat responds to vocal commands, I just had to get in the habit of saying “pause” prior to a recording session.

wifi thermostat