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I’ve been getting migraines since I was just a teenager. When I was young, I would only get them rarely, less than four times a year. However, as I got older they got worse and worse. When I was in my early 20s, I was only getting them maybe once a month. Today, I get them two to three times a week. The worse is when I have a migraine, and the vertigo kicks in, causing me to overheat and feel nauseated unless I can cool off with central air conditioning. But I think I’ve finally solved them. For a year, I worked a retail job while I took some time off to finish my degree and just do something different. In that year, my migraines spiked to the rate I get them now, and the only change has been lights. We even checked our HVAC ducts to be sure it wasn’t a problem due to mold. Both my workplace and my home have blue light generating bulbs everywhere. So I waited till my job had the great warm light energy efficient bulbs on sale and stocked up. While I can’t fix my workplace, I could at least change my home. The new light bulbs not only help my migraines to fade faster, but they save a lot of money! I chose to purchase Energy Star rated LED bulbs. They’re a little more expensive, but you can really see the difference on your utility bill. I’m looking forward to putting this savings to work in the summer with our central air conditioning system. Less money going to running the lights means more money we can spend on keeping our house cooled off with the air conditioning.

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