This music studio is hot

I had always thought that working as a music producer was my calling in life. However, this past weekend I learned that it was a much harder job than I originally thought it was going to be.  At first I thought a music producer was just there to supervise, but I learned quickly that was not the case. A music producer is incharge of everything down to the temperature of the recording studio. When I first walked into the studio I had a vision of what I wanted the new track to sound like, but I didn’t expect there to be so many moving parts. There were four singers, a tech guy, a team that ran the audio and a couple of managers. I had to make sure that all these people were working together to get the sound we wanted. Everything seemed to be going fine, until the air conditioner turned on right in the middle of our first take. The sounds guy told me that the air conditioner was making a strange noise on the track and we would need to turn off the HVAC system if we wanted the sound to be the best it could be. I turned off the HVAC system, but in almost an instant everyone started to sweat. There were a bunch of us in this tiny recording studio and the air started to get hot really quickly. We were going to have to turn the air conditioner on in between takes because it was really starting to get to hot.

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