My heat pump reeks

My heat pump has been especially fantastic to me through the years, especially in the summertime. This summer time was rather tepid and humid though, and that ended up leading to quite the unpleasant situation that had never happened to me ever before. This revolting odor began to develop, slowly but surely, in the air of my property as the summer time went on. This nasty odor had the pungency of old socks, and mind you, I always clean mine officially, so it could not have been that. Seeing as how I keep my lake property and my laundry totally clean, I began to suspect something else might be the real issue here… I figured out the odor was coming from my Heating and A/C equipment and it was getting horrible enough that I decided to call a Heating and A/C equipment serviceman to figure out what was going on! As soon as the Heating and A/C equipment guy walked through the door and detected the odor, he immediately knew what the actual issue was… The dirty sock smell was coming from the indoor coil and drain pan of the heat pump. The reason that the odor was originating from these spots was actually pretty simple. The hot and damp environment of the evaporator coil and drain pan can easily lead to the growth of mold and other microbes that end up thriving in such conditions. It entirely made sense that mold was the cause for these nasty smells. I had all those parts cleaned out thoroughly and decided to also invest in a really nice air purification system for my property.

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