The indoor air quality where I work

I figured my old place of work was horrible. My boss was constantly complaining about work quotas, & he never offered us overtime at all! One of my friends proposed coming to work in her office, where I would most certainly be treated better. She also let me know that we could get as much overtime as we could take on. I was unquestionably happy for that, because I was saving up to buy a brand new automobile real soon. The new work was going to be the same hourly wage, but overtime would be a huge plus for me. I abruptly realized that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. After being there for merely a couple of days, I realized that we had no choice but to get overtime each week. They required every single employee to work at least three overtime shifts each week. I definitely wanted the overtime, but I didn’t want to be forced to complete the hours every single week I worked. The other problem was the indoor air conditions. There was not much cool air coming out of the air vents. Since the air vents were situated in the ceiling, the air was no longer cool by the time it made its way to the work floor. I was constantly perspiring & entirely uncomfortable. The air conditioner didn’t even feel like it was operating. After various weeks, they still had not managed to address the air conditioner complications. The indoor air conditions were the worst, & I decided to go back to my outdated place of employment. Thankfully, they were unquestionably thrilled to welcome me back. I was quite honestly thrilled to be back to a nice climate with superb indoor air conditions. The air conditioner was pushing out chilly air & I was truly excited to be home.

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