Getting oil for the heating equipment

My dad travels a lot every week for work, and I have certainly gotten used to only seeing him a couple of times a week by now. It certainly isn’t that bad plus my mom supports all his decisions to travel so much for his job. It’s not as if he is traveling for fun, it is constantly for his work, he works for a hotel corporation and takes care of all their deals. I hope that some day I have the same kind of work and ethics as my father as I admire it, but when my dad is planning to travel for a couple of weeks at a time, he constantly puts together a list of chores that my sibling as well as I need to get done around the house to help out my mom, but this time he wanted us to change the oil on the old oil furnace down in the basement. He took us down to the basement plus he went as well as showed us how to carefully take the oil out of the furnace plus then put oil back in the furnace once again. I certainly hope my sibling was paying attention because if not every last one of us are going to have to watch a video on how to change oil on a furnace. If every single one of us have to do that I suppose my mom isn’t going to be ecstatic or glad, so every single one of us are going to just try and change the oil on the furnace separate from having to look up anything or ask any questions. It would make things easier.