Short end of the stick

I have been really working for a new dealer for a few months now plus I just had our first performance review.  I acquired quite a bit of constructive criticism because I am still reading how things job around here. However i am someone who responds well to feedback. I’d rather have someone tell myself and others what I need to job on so that I can service it… However, I am sure I didn’t come across that way in the meeting. I was instantly hit with a chill when I went into our boss’s office. The cooling system must have been running on full blast in there plus the air was freezing cold! I had on a short sleeve top with lightweight skirt–my cubicle is much warmer, so I am used to dressing accordingly… But needless to say, I couldn’t focus on a word our boss was saying. I was really shivering in my chair plus I believe I even began to sniffle! To try to be more comforting, my boss shifted her tone plus began to be gentle with me. I believe she perceived my reaction to the room temperature as myself and others being upset plus intimidated by her review! I particularly didn’t believe what to do. I wanted to explain that I was really just overwhelmed by the continuous stream of cool air coming from the vents in her office, however I didn’t want to seem needy. It was such a relief to return to our cubicle area. Then while there is still a/c out there, it’s not on so high in such a confined space. Next time I have to go to our boss’s office for an extended phase of time, I am going to make sure I bring a jacket plus a cup of boiling coffee.

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