That furnace is high quality

Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain, but sometimes the rain if it is pouring hard can really cause some headaches and actually cost you some money. Recently, we had a really bad rain storm come through, and it shorted out my heating and cooling unit! I always thought central heating and cooling units were supposed to withstand rain, snow and other usual weather complications. But, I suppose this rain was just a bit too hard and got in the wrong places of the heating and cooling system unit. I had to call my local heating and cooling dealer and have them schedule an HVAC repair appointment with one of their certified heating and cooling specialists from the company. It was tough to schedule that heating and cooling repair appointment, but I was able to find a time that worked for both myself and the certified heating and cooling specialist that they had available to come out and do the HVAC repair work. When the heating and cooling specialist arrived, he luckily for me found that the short in the heating and cooling unit was nothing serious, and just took some simple repair and wire replacements. It did not cost me a cent because I had a wonderful HVAC plan that came with my unit to where if there was any natural disasters or system malfunctions within the 10 year time period, any repair was completely covered and free all together! I really lucked out here, as in another few months, the HVAC plan would expire and I would have paid a fortune!

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