HVAC with my budget

I am a major planner. I run the household budget, while my partner is in charge of bringing in the income. It has been a great plan up to date and there have been no real complaints between us. I keep the utility bills at a minimum and I am good at it. Well, this month he came back to our residence from work with tons of ideas for energy conservation within our residence. It came out of nowhere, while I thought I was doing excellent work. It turned out that his coworkers were talking about all of the renovations they had been doing on their residences recently. Some were actually installing solar panels that worked for heating & A/C. He was excitedly telling me that this would save their annual household budget thousands in the long run. I was easily skeptical. We were definitely doing just great & making such major changes to the entire structure of our beach residence from the A/C & heating in place worried me a great deal. He asked me to trust him… As I watched the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C team of professionals tear out our old heating & A/C machine, I was sad about it. The solar panels were so sizable & really expensive. The ongoing costs for this modern plan were over the top for our new budget, however my partner knew that I was not blissful by this project. It seemed both of us were spending a lot more cash than if both of us had just left the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C machine as it was before. Well, after roughly five months or so, both of us finally began to see the savings in our heating & cooling bills… First, it paid for the installation costs, but after a year went by both of us saw a significant decrease in energy usage for heating & cooling. I was absolutely impressed by this, but I didn’t want him to be aware of that fact.