We can’t allow this

I heard a bit of a funny noise coming from my HVAC system a few nights ago. It was this sort of odd screeching noise.  It gave me a bit of a fright and while my climate control system did not completely give out on me at that moment, I knew that whatever made that noise needed to be checked out buy a certified HVAC technician. I did not fancy losing the benefit of my air conditioning system in the middle of the summer, as it is. I had had preventive maintenance done a couple months prior to prepare for the summer season, but I still wanted to call out an HVAC technician anyway. I need an appointment for the HVAC tech to come out a couple days later. The HVAC repairman was punctual and he did not take long to get to work and try and find the source of the noise. Thankfully, he discovered that the problem was minimal, but that was only because I called him out as early on as I did. A piece of mechanical equipment and come loose and it was making the squealing noises. If I had sat on it and not addressed it as soon as I did,  that loose component may have very well cost of a much bigger problem with the inner workings of my HVAC system. The part was quickly tightened back into place by the HVAC tech and it did not even cost me all that much! I am so grateful for good HVAC service in my town!

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