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When I first got married, I did not know what I wanted to do with my life in terms of a career. I had got married when I was fresh out of high school and was kind of young and dumb, as they say. I ended up taking a job with an electric company to be taken under the wing of one of the electric specialists. After about a month of this, and learning that trade a little bit, I was noticing that I was fixing people’s heaters and air conditioning systems without even realizing what I was doing! They would mention in passing that their heating and cooling systems were not working right, and I would actually figure out the problem. The electric specialist was not happy with this and was getting tired of me doing this instead of the job at hand. I eventually got fired for it, and guess what I did? I went right to the local college and took a course on getting my certification to become a heating and cooling specialist! I ended up getting my certification within a month’s time. Right after that, I applied at the local heating and cooling company which happened to be hiring at the time, and I got the job really fast! This was almost 20 years ago now, and today, I am still at the same heating and cooling company. I am also one of their top heating and cooling specialists and I make good money. The electric company that fired me is no longer in business, and I have a much better job!

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