A very hot heater

When I moved down south, at first, I was skeptical about whether or not I would need a good air conditioner unit! I was so used to chilly chilly weather and being cooped up with a heating system all winter, that I figured that a little heat and humidity would be a nice change of pace from the bitter, dry chilly that I was used to. I have to say that some afternoons this was more or less correct, there were afternoons with pleasant, warm, and balmy weather that made myself and others assume great, but just as often, however, they were afternoons that were tepid as blazes and so humid that the air felt prefer an ocean! Not only did I learn particularly fast that it was best to invest in an air conditioner unit, I eventually also gained a dehumidifier. I don’t have to use the dehumidifier every day while in the tepid season, however there are particular afternoons where the humidity is overbearing and switching on the dehumidifier particularly improves the quality of the air in my home! As tepid and humid as it can get around here, I frankly don’t miss the snow and the chilly at all. I will admit that it is a bit strange to have anything however a colorless Christmas, but I definitely do not miss shoveling that stuff off the driveway. The main thing concerning my front yard now is how fast the shrubbery grows in this tropical temperature! I sure am blissful I can rely on my air conditioner idea and dehumidifier, living in the tropics.

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