It got far colder

I’ve been listening to my good friend Jeff rant and rave about his new radiant heated floors. The way he talks about them, you’d think that he discovered gold under his floorboards! Though not actual gold, he did find savings on his utility bills by laying the passive heating system under his floorboards. The way radiant heating works is with the introduction of heated cables, which can be powered with hot water from a boiler, or by electricity. Either way, the cables heat up, and emit heat through a material laid out under the flooring of the house. This causes the heat to rise up naturally, but with perfect coverage of each room where radiant heated floors are installed! How cool is that? To be honest, Jeff gloating about how great the HVAC system is got me thinking about having the radiant heated floors installed at my own house. I’ve heard that they can help you save a chunk of change on the utility bills, as radiant heated floors use far less energy than an electric furnace by comparison. Plus, there’s no cold spots or drafts with a radiant flooring system! There isn’t one spot of any room with radiant floors that isn’t warmed up. The best way to really maximize a system like this is to have a ceiling fan on and set in the reverse direction. That way, the rising heat can be pushed back down.

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