I do think this looks better

I have been thinking of adding heated flooring to my house, i already have a boiler system situated in my basement, however all I would need is to get some piping plus have it installed in the floorboards, the issue is that the new flooring I have would need to go. The heating installation requires the flooring to be ripped up plus then the piping installed within it… My seasoned wood flooring would not survive such a extreme gas furnace install! So, because of this, I will need to budget all new flooring around the house. If I cheap out plus get tile or laminate, I could have the hydronic gas furnace right now. I don’t want to cheap out plus have ugly floors. I want to have quality hardwood floors. This will cost a lot of money to have all throughout my beach house plus then adding hydronic heating to it. I assume it will be worth it in the end, and can you imagine how well hardwood will heat? I assume having wood flooring will be better for the gas furnace than a rug or tile. The wood also will look classier plus that will fit the hydronic heating style. The floors will look  charming plus then while standing there the gas furnace will hot your feet. I just easily need to get saving in order to make this wish come true. The cost of labor, parts plus the actual system will be quite a bit. I don’t want to cut corners on the floor or the hydronic gas furnace either. It is just too important.

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