I hope tomorrow it’s even warmer

One of my favorite things to do is go to our local library. It’s in a really old building, but the management takes pretty good care of the place. Most of the time, that is. In recent weeks, the weather outside has taken a turn for the worse. The temperature has fallen greatly, and so now we are freezing! I thought that I would go to my favorite place, the library, after a long cold morning of shoveling snow and shivering out in the weather. When I got to the library, I was expecting to be able to warm up inside in the heating from their oil furnace. Imagine my terrible surprise when I walked in through the front door and couldn’t feel the heating at all! I really wanted to feel warm air flowing down onto my head through the air vents, and I couldn’t wait for the heating vents in the floor to thaw out my cold toes! Honestly, the excellent heating system in the library is one of the reasons I go there and spend so much of my time during the winter season. I asked one of the media specialists what the problem was; I wanted to know why in the world the heating was working as well as usual. She told me that their furnace had a broken part and they were waiting on the part to come in at the HVAC company. She said that once the part arrived from another location, then hopefully the HVAC company would be able to come in and do the repair on that same day.

A/C repair