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I have lived in a beautiful apartment for about more than three years, but there are actually some aspects that I wish I could change. Given that I live in an apartment building with many other occupants, I have little control over the temperature settings in the building! Since the building is older, there is only 1 central heating component set to heat the entire floor… While our oil furnace is effective as well as reliable, I would much rather have a personal temperature control within my apartment so that I could control the temperature, and because there is no variance from apartment to apartment, the oil furnace is officially left on the same setting for the entire duration of the Winter time season… This is a pain because some afternoons are cooler than others, as well as some afternoons are unseasonably warm. For example, the temperature spiked up due to boiling front this week, however instead of the below freezing rapidly increasing temperatures the two of us are accustomed to this time of year, the outside air temperature was up in the fifties. Therefore, our respected heating settings were much too boiling for the current conditions. I had difficulty sleeping because my apartment was so much warmer than it normally was. Ideally, I would love to replace as well as transfer to a nice apartment building. My buddy lives in a more current unit; Each component in the building has a state of the art heating as well as cooling unit. When the weather changes, she simply adjusts her temperature control settings accordingly. In addition, the apartment building is located in a more central location in the city. While I love my apartment, I suppose it’s time to replace once my lease is up. That way, I will live in a unbelievable spot as well as I will never have to worry about being too sizzling or too freezing in my apartment again.

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