Not happy with the older HVAC

Several years ago when I bought our first house, I often felt as if we were in way over our heads; I would struggle to stay on top of all of the home maintenance work. There were a few times when I still wished we were renting! One of the most frustrating things that I had to learn to deal with was learning how to take care of our old HVAC unit. The HVAC unit in the house was pretty old when we moved in, so it required lots of attention from us. Besides having having to change the air filters and disinfect the coils regularly I had to check it pretty frequently in order to make sure that all of the other mechanical parts were in working order. One day, I came home early from work and found that the air conditioning had completely stopped working! I figured that it probably had something to do with the compressor on the unit because I had noticed a tapping noise coming from it the week before. The reason I had not called an HVAC technician to come and look at it yet was because I’d been crazy busy at work. So with all of the demands I had going on at the office, my HVAC unit was the last thing on my mind. But when I came home to no A/C, I was still forced to take care of it! It gets hot in the house pretty quickly when there is no air conditioning running! Being a homeowner is definitely quite a change when you’re used to renting a place to live. Having the landlord take care of all of the repairs is much easier! I have a pretty good routine going with the HVAC system now, and I know that I’m doing a much better job at taking care of things. Still, it took me some time to learn!

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