Cleaning out the HVAC ducts

So there is a section on our oil furnace that is called a squirrel cage. I did some researching late at night because our oil furnace was making an terrible thumping sound. I have deduced that the squirrel cage is the reason for our noise, the motor could sound almost care about it is bouncing if the squirrel cage bearings are out, however online said to put a sturdy piece of styrofoam under the cage to stop it from moving… First, I did not care about that the fix was not to actual repair the system, however just adding something around the beach house to stop it, however next, I did not care about that I had no method what bearings or a squirrel cage was, however a squirrel cage is the type of fan that can be found in a oil furnace. It moves the air through the oil furnace plus this is what heats your home. The reason it has such a stupid name is that the fan looks care about a hamster cage. Apparently it is a lot of little fans finally working together to transport the air in plus out of the oil furnace, however most people just refer to it as a blower. The bearings or pieces holding it all together can prematurely wear out plus allow it to bounce around! How the bearings can wear out is the blower is unbalanced or the oil furnace has overheated to the point that the bearings could just not take it anymore; Either way, getting current bearings does not sound so extravagant. I would way rather do this than add foam under a piece in our oil furnace.

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