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I recently had some major concerns with air quality in my home.  Because it was in the middle of January, with outside temperatures well below freezing, there was no possibility of opening the windows.  I’ve caulked, weatherstripped, insulated and taken every precaution to seal the house tight and prevent energy waste. Unfortunately, my efforts have also eliminated ventilation.  Contaminants are trapped inside, circulated continually by the furnace and breathed by my family. Despite regularly vacuuming, scrubbing, dusting and mopping, there was still a great deal of debris floating around in the air and accumulating on surfaces.  Even changing the air filter in the heating system and having the unit professionally cleaned did not resolve the problem. I worried that the abundance of dust, unpleasant smells and other allergens were a health threat. After researching all different types of air quality accessories, I decided to invest in a heat recovery ventilator.  The unit installed into the heating system and provides a steady influx of fresh air without energy waste. The ventilator draws stale air out of the house, using it to preheat the fresh, incoming air. Not only do I get all the benefits of opening a window, the ventilation system reduces the workload of the furnace. I’ve seen a significant reduction in my monthly energy bills.  Plus, my home feels fresher, cleaner and far more comfortable. The ventilator runs quietly, efficiently and only requires maintenance once per year. I leave it running 24/7, and looking forward to further benefits this summer. Because the ventilator helps with excess heat and humidity, it will lessen demand on the air conditioner, saving money and improving comfort.

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