I spent the winter relaxing

My roommate does wood working for a living. He not only makes wood furniture, but he fixes up older pieces. He will frequently sand and varnish wood pieces. My roommate does not have a workshop up yet though. So all the sanding and varnishing happen in my home. The dust from the sanding is just terrible. The dust gets in my eyes, nose and throat. I constantly have a headache and sinus issues. With the varnish, my head kills me after an hour of soaking it in. I really need to get my roommate a workspace or get some form of air cleaner for the house. Opening the windows and the door don’t do that much in terms of ventilation. I have tried running my HVAC equipment to remove the issues, but it only does so much. I think adding an air purifier to the heater and AC plan will really helps things out. There should be less dust and varnish with using an air purification plan. I don’t think all my problems will go away, but it could help matters out quite a bit. I could even get a stand up air purifier if one in my HVAC doesn’t work. They make these air quality devices larger and could be set up right where my roommate works. I could also ban him from working in the house. My roommate is such a nice guy and he really does some nice work though. I don’t want him to feel like he can’t be inside with the heater and AC plan.