I like having one HVAC unit

About several years ago, our hubby and I purchased a rue of land and designed a apartment to be built from the ground up.  All of us hired a local general company to help us finalize the plans and handle the construction process. The general company then sub contracted a licensed electrician, plumber and certified Heating and Air Conditioning contractor to take care of these specialized and essential systems.  Coordinating this group of servicemen was an absolute nightmare. Once the walls of the apartment were framed in, both of us needed the electrician to install the wires. All of us waited on the plumber to install the water and drainage pipes. The Heating and Air Conditioning company delayed our project by several weeks.  All of us eventually discovered that the Heating and Air Conditioning company did not have access to a sheet metal fabrication shop. They subcontracted the fabrication of our duct system, and while both of us waited around for the duct plan to be created and installed, the lease on our rental property ran out. My hubby and I had no option but to put our belongings in storage and move in with our parents.  All of us were fortunate that our parents could accommodate us, or we’d have been staying at a hotel. The rental on the storage facility for our furniture was plenty high-priced. The entire construction process was extremely frustrating. Once the duct plan was finally in place, both of us then realized that the Heating and Air Conditioning company was not installing the make and model of heating system we’d agreed upon.  This caused an additional delay, and both of us didn’t trust a single thing the Heating and Air Conditioning professional said or did.

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