I don’t believe in this

If you decide to do heating installation on your own, get a system that is easier to install. A lot of people try to save money where they can. The installation of a HVAC system seems like a good place. However, you can really wreck a system installing it wrong. An air conditioner will never be the same if you mess up the amount of refrigerant on the initial setup. A gas furnace is very difficult to install. You need gas hookups and a flue system installed in the house. Are you capable of doing that? I know I sure am not. A heat pump system is a little more difficult since you are connecting an indoor and outdoor unit with one another. What I find difficult is focusing on heating equipment. The best system to install on your own is probably heated flooring. Hydronic heating is not for the faint of heart though. This requires the boiler system in the basement to have piping hook to it. The piping then extends into the floor boards and hot water goes through the pipe for heating. This is not easy and is quite expensive. It is better to leave this to the professionals. The electric version of this heated floor unit is way nicer to install. You simply put electric heated mats right under the boards. It requires ripping up the floor, but that is not rocket science. Anyone with the right tools can handle it. You save on the cost and you know the heater installation is done right and real careful.

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