I was very into it

Lately I have been having trouble sleeping. I have always taken a while to fall asleep but ever since my move down south it feels near impossible to fall asleep. I opted not to take any medicine to help with it in order to go a more natural route. I have been trying a few different methods. Some hot tea at night, making sure to turn of my devices and only using my bed for sleep. Still I am having some trouble. I was talking to a friend about it and he asked me about the temperature in my house. I looked at my thermostat and told him it was probably in the 70’s or so. I never really turn the air conditioning on because I don’t mind being a little hot in order to save some money. He was telling me about his research into sleep as he is a psychologist. He informed me that it’s actually beneficial to turn my thermostat down to about 60 at night. I was surprised by this as I never thought the temperature mattered. I turned my thermostat down today and am now waiting for my AC to start up. I called my HVAC technician because I noticed that it was taking a really long time to cool down. He told me he would come out tomorrow and take a look at my heating and cooling system. I am pretty excited about the prospect that the air conditioner might be my saving grace and help me sleep. Never underestimate the power of a good thermostat and air conditioner. I have never been so interested in air conditioning but if it helps me sleep I will be a new air conditioning advocate!