The unit is destroying itself

My poor brother is getting more and more in debt to me. After he graduated high school my brother decided he was going to be a HVAC contractor. In order to get his certification he needed to shadow an actual HVAC specialist to learn the ropes. He did not get paid for this and needed the money to survive. After he put in enough hours with a HVAC specialist, he had to take the certification tests. My brother then needed the money for his HVAC certification tests. I lent him the cash for every one. Now my brother is all certified and hired with his company. The issue is that he has no tools for work. He was using all the tools provided by the company. Apparently the tools are worn and out of date. He is a professional HVAC contractor, he needs the better tools. I don’t know if this is my brother being spoiled or if that is true. Either way, my brother needs a lot more money than usual. The tools he is looking at are expensive and there is a ton of them. If it was me, I would just use the free tools. I know it would affect time on the job, but I would not want to go more in debt. My brother feels that he would do a terrible job with those sets and is buying all new. I am hoping he starts making money in the HVAC industry fast. I am getting sick of just lending out cash for free.

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