I am working late again

I hired a general contractor to make renovations on my house. The contractor was in charge of the electrical, plumbing and HVAC work. He subcontracted the job out to three different companies. It has been a nightmare dealing with this. For starters. None of the guys coordinate with one another. They are constantly showing up at similar times and being in the other one’s way. Also, the guys need certain parts to be further than others. My HVAC technician is livid that the electrical guy has not finished up his wiring yet. The heating and air conditioning cannot be hooked up until the wiring is good. The plumber is messing with my hot water tank in the basement. I was considering using the boiler system to heat both my water and my entire home. I don’t want to get a separate heating system. The HVAC professional is unhappy with the work the plumber has done and the plumber hates the HVAC serviceman. They both want to be in the basement at the same time. The electrical guy just shows up whenever and messes up everyone’s job. I can’t get them on a schedule either. They all go through my general contractor. I have been trying to get that guy on the phone since I hired him. I want him to do one step at a time and I want to know if these guys know their stuff. I know I am not going to get a call back until the job is done though. Such a mistake hiring out.

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