I was very hopeful

I work part time at a clothing store. The place does not make a lot of money, so I deal with lots of old tech. The cash register is tricky to open, the door uses an actual key and the air conditioner looks like something from the stone age. The only functions on the AC system is on, off and low cooling. I have never seen a model of AC that is so old. When I first got hired I was told about how to operate the old, tricky things in the store. I should have listened or wrote something down. Yesterday I was the one closing the store all by myself. I got everything all set and cleaned up. I then noticed that the store was super hot and there was no cold air blowing around. I then inspected the AC unit and saw that it had frozen solid. A cooling system is meant to deal with cold air. How did the AC unit freeze? I tried chipping away the ice and warming it up myself. I did not want to leave the store with AC iced over. Not only would that be bad for the AC equipment, but I was pretty sure I would lose my job. I finally had to cave and call my dad into the store. He was not any better than me at deicing it. We ended up using hair dryers to thaw it and hid the evidence of the ice. I am hoping the AC works fine and nobody today noticed anything different with it.

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