It’s not very comfortable in here

Harriet and I have recently purchased a brand new condo, and decided to have a housewarming get together for it. Harriet and I were ready to see the condo, because they had been bragging for days. The house was near the water too, and located in an high-priced city. Harriet and I paid a heap of currency for the place, now i can’t imagine paying even more for something without a backyard, but her and I have known each other for a genuinely long time, and it’s what we do. Harriet and I try to get the best and newest things. When this exclusive condominium opened up a few weeks ago, her and I were already dying to transport in. The party was promptly at 9, and we agreed to arrive a few hours late. By the time we rolled in at 9, some folks were already leaving our home. The new house already had a problem. The a/c wasn’t working in our house. It was significantly hot outside, so it got uncomfortable hastily. I didn’t want to be mean about it though, but it was too uncomfortable to stay. The a/c had only been off for a short while, and it was already horrible indoors. The new house was nice and pretty, but after spending  some time in there perspiring. Both of us tried to make an excuse for why there was no AC and get everyone to stay. But it really did not work at all, the ac was a problem.